Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot’s Cantina

Hot’s Cantina is a neighborhood bar around the corner from where I grew up. My friend knows the owners so he is always suggesting we go there to see his friend and maybe get some free stuff. It is a pretty cool place to hang out and watch a game. This type of place is great for a neighborhood. I wish it were there when I still lived around the corner. Now on to the burger.
I got the Hot’s Famous Burger minus the avocado, as I am not a fan. Let me start with the meat. It was cooked to perfect medium and had good flavor on its own. Not the best I have ever had but good. Next is the bun. This is the biggest fault with the burger. The bun was a fairly generic hamburger bun and the patty was too small for the size of the bun. The burger is topped with a Mexican enchilada cheese, cilantro, tomato and grilled onions. The flavors all work very well. The best part of the entire burger is what they call hamburger sauce. The sauce is a tangy spicy mayo/Russian dressing combo. It really does steal the show. Overall, this is a very good burger so if you are in Northridge, you should stop by and give the burger a try.

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