Monday, January 17, 2011

Seven Mile House

While I was in San Francisco, I was looking to find a place to watch the USC v UCLA game after my cousin's birthday in Brisbane. My sister and her boyfriend had gone to a local sports bar called Seven Mile House. This place was originally built as a stagecoach stop back in 1853. It evolved from a trucker/biker hangout to a sports gambling joint. Now it is a place for watching a game or catching a great band play. They also have some pretty good food. We started with some appetizers. The clear winner here was the Lumpia. If you haven't had them before, find a Philippine restaurant and go get them. They are little egg rolls filled with pork and came with a sweet chili sauce. So good. Also, if you go make sure you order the garlic fries. They are perfectly crispy and too much garlic that would overpower the potato. As more of our family showed up, they convinced me to test the burger.

Now on to the burger. Obviously, if you are watching a game, there is little better than chowing down on a good burger and drinking a cold beer. The burger comes on a standard sesame seed bun. The patty is Angus ground chuck and cooked very well. The burger comes with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, sautéed onions and pickles. It is your standard sports bar burger, but made a little better than most. While I don't think I will be craving this burger when I go up for my next visit, this is a very cool place to take in a game or just hang out and get some great food. 

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